Services: Domestic

We fully understand that starting out on your own construction project, whether it’s a refurbishment, extension or new build, can be very daunting. But by setting off on the right foot with chartered architects such as Barrett+Barrett you will get the very best design and planning advice possible.

Typically this is how we help our clients:

  • We create exciting building designs and highly detailed drawings both by hand at the early stages then by using specialist computer-aided design (CAD) applications
  • We prepare feasibility proposals including constraining factors such as town planning legislation, environmental impact and project budget
  • We work very closely with a team of other professionals such as structural engineers, construction managers, quantity surveyors and architectural technologists
  • We negotiate planning permission often tackling difficult and sensitive planning issues
  • We write and present reports, proposals, applications and contracts
  • We determine the construction techniques and materials to be used, specifying all the requirements for the project
  • We amend plans according to circumstances, resolving any related problems that may arise during construction
  • We manage the project team to ensure everything is running according to programme and budget
  • We carry out site inspection to ensure the quality of work is in accordance with the specification

You can choose to have more or less depending on your requirements …why not call us to discuss your forthcoming project

Peter Stagg, Private client

  • + We work with planning departments, contractors and other construction professionals, not against them
  • + We maximize the potential of your buildings and land
  • + Your premises and surroundings can lift the quality of life
  • + We provide straightforward practical, commercial and professional advice