Architect Patrick Barrett used all his skill and creativity to build this stunning house for himself, and he did it without compromise. Sharon Dale reports.

Most architects dream of building their own home and when they do, the end result is always exciting.

The thrilling combination of precision, practicality and creative freedom is obvious in Patrick Barrett’s house in Leeds.

“I’ve done lots of enjoyable private commissions but with this I was able to do exactly what I wanted. The only restrictions were planning and budget,” says Patrick, who runs his own eponymous practice.

The contemporary, four-bedroom property has a separate garage with an apartment above and is in the grounds of the first home he designed and built for himself in 1999. Permission for this second grand design was hard won. Negotiations with the city council were protracted as the land is in a conservation area and he wanted permission to demolish an old, single-storey gatehouse to make way for the new home.